J-Storm Urban Maps

Ok, technically- you can hang your maps however you want. But I want you to hang your maps with 3M Command Strips. Why? Because wherever my maps end up, I want them to look good! I've tried a lot of different approaches, here's what works the best. I'm including 3M Command Strips with your maps and if you ever move, you can buy more at CVS for a few dollars.

I'm also including a handy spacing tool for anyone that get more than two maps. It's explained below. The sizes are somewhat intentional - so that they can be arranged not only in a nice organized grid of same-sized maps, but also combined with different sizes. Maybe by importance of the city to you, or zooms of special neighborhoods. Hopefully this diagram will help clarify. This is based on 2" spacing:



Here's one I did on the wall at the workshop: And here's the map details for perspective: 


 The nice thing about the 3M command strips is that they are kind of like a very high-tech velcro. So it's easy to re-arrange and mix it up a bit, without having to un-stick anything from the wall. The arrangement above is partially there for the picture, but I actually put them up for 3-4 days so that the paint can full cure. They just swap in an out in seconds.


So here's what works best to mount these on the wall:


Step 1:

Choose where you are going to hang your maps and start thinking about the layout. These work great in a grid (see the cover pics for J-Storm Babies), but also do a great job at filling unusual-shaped places. Long hallways, vertical spaces, stairs, etc.  I've chosen this wall by the stairs at my workshop. (Which I later realized is also very awkward to photograph)



Step 2:

Get your map ready. Take it out of the foam sleeve that it came it in, and lay it face down on the foam. DO NOT lay the front surface face-down on some random thing like a newspaper. The ink from the words can stick onto your map, and that looks really bad. Plus, the words end up in reverse so you can't even read it. 


Step 3:

Stick the 3M Command Strips on the corners of the map.


Step 4:

Take a moment to think about your spacing. "Map is 14-inches, Spacer is 2-inches....Hmmm...." If you are bad at math, bust out a ruler and just measure it. Think through the total size of however many maps you have, and figure out where to start. Note: The spacer in this picture comes with your maps if you get more than 2. 


Step 5:

Go back to the wall and figure out where the first map belongs. Most tape measures have every 16th inch in red which makes it really easy. Note: the 14" inchers come with a 2" spacer. The 9" ones come with a 1" spacer. That's just what I think it best. If you want a different size - go for it! Just add a note/comment when you order. I'll make it happen. 


Step 6:

Take a level and line up the first map. Fortunately, you only have to do one!! When you get it right, stick it to the wall. Don't worry, if it's a little off your can easily adjust how it is positioned on the 3M Strips. They are basically like a new and improved velcro designed specifically for hanging things...


Step 7:

This is the fun part. Take the spacer and line it up to the corner of the map you just hung. This gives you the exact position for your second map. 


Step 8:

Use the second map and the spacer to line up the third map...


Step 9:

So by now you've probably figured out the pattern here... Go crazy with it!


Step 10:

Umm.. Actually, you're done! Take a picture and post it on the J-Storm Urban Map Facebook page.




Globetrotter Challenge

Somewhere in this website there is a map that is deliberately wrong. If you know your cities, you'll spot it. IF you can find it, type the city, color and size of the map into the comment section when you place an order and you will get a free surprise. Welcome to send your friends here to look, but don't give the answer away!!!

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